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Available Reconditioned and Consignment Inventory

Inventory Effective May 25, 2024

We are getting new spas in every day and our inventory of reconditioned tubs is changing on a regular basis.  Here is a list and photos of some of the spas we are currently working on.  Stop by and find the perfect spa.  Just a small (refundable) deposit will hold the spa until it is completed for your final review.  Don't let others buy it out from under you while we finalize any necessary repairs.  Once it is completed, we will have you in to check it out, finalize payment and schedule delivery. 

2019 Clearwater Spas 76L
2019 Clearwater Spas Tradition
2021 Hot Springs Salt Water Beam
2022 Hot Spring Salt Water Grande

2014 Hot Spring Jet Setter

2015 Hot Spring Jet Setter
2015 Jacuzzi J335

2016 Jacuzzi J315

2019 Marquis Broadway

2016 Master Spa Twilight 6.0

2012 Master Spa Down East 8' 
2018 Marquis Spirit
2021 Marquis Vector L65
2018 Master Spa 67.25
2021 Master Spa Ocho Rios
2021 Master Spa Bar Harbor SE
2014 Cal Spa 7'
2017 South Seas Round Spa
2010 Sundance Marin

2016 West Coast Havasu

2019 Vita Spa Elegant with Mineral Purification Upgrade

2021 Vita Spa Rendezvous with Mineral Purification Upgrade

Swim Spas
2019 Endless Pool 12' Swim Spa R200

2020 Endless Pool 12' Swim Spa R200
2021 Arctic Hudson Salt Water 14' Swim Spa

2012 Master Spa 12' H2X Swim Spa

2015 Artesian 15D Tidal Fit Swim Spa

2014 Cal Spa 17' Dual Climate Swim Spa

2017 Maax Spa 12' Exercise/Swim Spa

Coming Soon

Master Spa 7'

Master Spa 8'

Cal Spas 864B

Dimension 1 7'

South Seas Island Spa 78" round

Caldera Cantabria

110v Dimension 1

Strong Spa 8"

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