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Let us help you through the process!

Pacific Hot Tub Solutions can advise you regarding installation requirements, permit requirements and how to obtain the necessary permits. If you are unable to complete any necessary work yourself, or choose not to, we can provide you with contact information for general contractors or electrical contractors; however, you will be responsible for coordinating the job directly with a contractor. After purchasing a reconditioned hot tub from PHTS, we will deliver your hot tub or swim spa and place it exactly where you want it, make sure it is level.
It is your responsibility as the homeowner to obtain any necessary electrical permits and either do the work yourself or hire a licensed electrical contractor. Pacific Hot Tub Solutions staff will not do any electrical connections.
Please note: Unpermitted or improper wiring may cause bodily injury to those using the hot tub and/or damage to your hot tub or swim spa and will result in your warranty being voided. Please make sure you know what your doing or hire a professional who does. This is to ensure not only your safety but that of your hot tub.