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Mineral Enriched Water Conditioning Systems Technology

* Fewer Chemicals * Easier Maintenance  *More Enjoyment

Pacific Hot Tub Solutions is committed to providing our customers the healthiest way to sanitize their water, improving their health, well-being and the experience in their spas, saving time and money.  Our Silver/Copper Ionization technology is far superior to Salt or Bromine generating systems which are corrosive to the components in your hot tub and, at the end of the day, generate high levels of chlorine.


Background:  The principal of using metals for water purification goes back hundreds of years.  The benefits of silver's effectiveness are found throughout history.  In Ancient Greece and Rome, people used silver containers to keep liquids fresh.  Settlers in the American West would put a silver dollar in water overnight to purify it.  By the end of the 19th Century Silver was being used to fill cavities and by dropping silver filtrate solution in newborn babies' eyes to prevent blindness due to infection. In the late 60's, early 70's Johnson Space Center conducted a research program to create a lightweight water purifier that required minimal power and no human monitoring.  The results of this research was an electrolytic silver ion generator.  This unit, when placed in the potable water supply and waster water system of a spacecraft, would dispense silver ions sufficient to eliminate bacteria and sanitize the water within hours.  From this beginning one of the world's most advanced water purification systems was developed. 

How it Works: Both Silver and Copper have algacidal and bactericidal properties.  Copper has the ability to pierce the protective outer membrane of a cell and disrupt enzyme balance as well as allowing other bactericidal and algaecides access to the susceptible part of the organism.  Silver is effective because of its capabilities of interfering with DNA production and accelerating the death phase of the organism.  Although lethal to bacteria and algae, this process is completely safe to humans.  In conjunction with the copper/silver ionization, water passes through a powerful magnetic field which polarizes molecules and gives water a positive(+) charge.  This gives a silky smooth feel and eliminates the need for adding chemicals. 

Advantages:  There are a number of advantages to the electrolytic system.  Unlike standard sanitizing chemicals, ions are reactively unaffected by pH, temperature, aeration or sunlight.  As they are not as prone to evaporation or dissipation, they tend to remain resident in the water to provide long-lasting and constant purification.  New ions are added automatically as the water circulates.  Operation of the system is virtually automatic and very simple.  Operation costs and maintenance are low.  From a health standpoint it is completely safe, as no toxic chemicals are produced or consumed.  The system is environmentally friendly, and the water is healthy, sanitary and odor free.  Water quality is improved dramatically.  The water feels fresh and clean with no chemical smell.  Unlike chlorine, silver is not absorbed through you skin or inhaled via steam.  The silver ion system is ideal for those who are allergic or very sensitive to standard sanitizing chemicals unlike Salt systems it is non-corrosive.  Combining a silver/copper ion system with hybrid UV-C ozone, creates a perfect dual defense system, eliminating the need for and exposure to harsh chemicals. 

What is an ion? An ion is an atom, or group of atoms that possess an electrical charge. An atom is like a tiny solar system, with a nucleus in the middle and one or more electrons orbiting around the outside. Inside the nucleus are positively charged particles called protons. The electrons are negatively charged. An atom usually contains an equal number of protons and electrons. An ion gets its electrical charge by losing or gaining electrons. If it has an extra electron, it is called an anion. If it has lost an electron, it is a positive ion, or known as a cation. Copper silver ion systems produce cations.

What is copper-silver ionization? The process that causes an element to gain or lose electrons is called ionization. Copper-silver ionization is the electronic release of copper and silver ions.

How does copper-silver ionization work? A set of electrodes, made up of an anode and cathode are placed in a flow cell. This flow cell is placed in-line with the circulation system. A controller provides a low voltage, alternating DC current. This is passed between the anode and cathode. The voltage causes some of the outermost atoms of the anode to lose an electron, thus becoming positive ions, which attempt to flow across to the cathode. In this process, the ions are carried away by the flow of water.

How do copper and silver ions sanitize water? An over simplified explanation is as follows. The copper ion destroys the algae and bacteria by piercing the outer membrane and disrupting enzyme balance. This also allows for other halogens present to enter the cell and help destroy it. Silver ions are effective as a sanitizer because of its efficiency in interrupting DNA production preventing reproduction and accelerating the death phase of the bacteria and viruses. While lethal to bacteria, many viruses and algae, the system is completely safe for humans, animals and plants.

This system is unarguably superior to any other automated system available for water purification for swim spas and hot tubs.  The benefits to you, your family, friends and spa are insurmountable.  With this system available to you, only from Pacific Hot Tub Solutions, why would you buy anywhere else and be subjected to traditional, harsh chemicals as well as the ongoing costs and time associated with maintaining your spa?

There has been a great deal of research into the effects of copper-silver ionization of water on a variety of bacteria and other infectious agents. ThomsonTec and Pacific Hot Tub Solutions make no medical or scientific claims, but provides the this data for informational purposes only.

For more detailed information about silver and its applications to health, preventing disease outbreaks, and reducing or replacing the need for chlorine, click here.

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