We encourage you to take time to browse our complete inventory of both hot tubs and swim spas from Vita Spa where you will find many energy efficient, therapeutic models that allow you to enjoy a better quality of life, improved health, fitness and family time all with a Silver and Copper Ionization system that minimizes the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bromine and corrosive salt.  Watch this video  Less Harsh Chemicals for more information on this game changing technology for water chemistry. Buying a hot tub is a major purchase and you should be fully informed on all aspects of the hot tub or swim spa you are buying, from construction to water chemistry options and everything in between.  

A harsh chemical free system, exceptional quality products, a locally serviced warranty from a locally based company since 2010 and our reputation are strong reasons to buy from Pacific Hot Tub Solutions.

After reviewing our hot tub and swim spa models we are confident you will find a spa that fits your needs.  We are conveniently located in Oregon City, just 20 minutes from downtown Portland Oregon, where you will find many of the models available to view in person and/or have any additional questions answered.   

Some things to plan for before purchasing a hot tub.

For Example:

·         What size hot tub do I have room for?

·         Do I want a lounge or all upright seating?

·         How many people will use the tub?

·         Do I have space for a 220v/50amp breaker on my electrical panel?

·         If I considering a 110v plug and play model, is my plug within 10 feet of the tub?

Thinking about these details and working with us in advance will make purchasing a hot tub or swim spa a dream come true.  We guarantee it ! 


The focus of everything we do at Vita Spa is on you and it all starts with construction.  When you purchase a Vita Spa, you can be sure you’ve made one of the smartest and best investments possible.  The complete satisfaction of our customers is our objective and the result is evident in every spa we produce.

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Swimming has long been known as the ultimate zero-impact exercise and is widely prescribed by physicians for their patients who want to get in shape or tone their body. The observation seats and well marked swim lanes provide the optimum swim training center for your entire family.  With 9 models to choose from you will find the perfect swim spa for you and your family. 

Chemical Free options available. 

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We recognize the importance of providing reconditioned hot tubs and swim spas at reasonable prices to those who may not want to or are unable to afford a brand new hot tub or swim spa.

One store, low overhead and hands on sales staff are all reasons why we can provide exceptional quality hot tubs both new and reconditioned at prices that are affordable to all. Buying reconditioned is a great alternative for 1st time buyers or brand dedicated shoppers who want to save thousands off the new model.

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