Trust us to Protect your Investment

The hot tub and swim spa moving crews at Pacific Hot Tub Solutions are the best in the industry, second to none ! We take pride in the ability to safely and effectively move hot tubs and swim spas. Our hot tub moving crews move hot tubs and swim spas exclusively! Our company has moved a wide variety of hot tubs including larger custom hot tubs, older models, unique shaped and brand new hot tubs directly from distributors. When you hire Pacific Hot Tub Solutions to move your hot tub or swim spa, you are not hiring just a moving crew. You are hiring staff that repair and recondition hot tubs daily; therefore, they will handle your hot tub with the utmost care ensuring your hot tub is moved safely to its new location. They are familiar with all hot tub makes and models and will thoroughly inspect the hot tub before moving. They will advise you of any potential problems (ie dry rot, missing screws, loose motors, etc) which will eliminate the potential of damage to your hot tub during the move.  They will address and repair any problems prior to moving the hot tub ensuring the hot tub can be safely moved.

When scheduling a hot tub move with Pacific Hot Tub Solutions you will be asked a few questions in order to determine an estimated cost for the move.  We will always quote you a $100 sliding scale to cover any differences to what was discussed via telephone.  We will always to our best to stay within the estimated price range; however, occasionally circumstances are not as discussed and an additional charge may apply.  This will be discussed with you and your approval obtained before the crew moves forward with your move.

A credit card is required to secure an appointment.  We do require 24 hours notice for cancellations and you will be subject to a $150 show up fee if you do not contact us to cancel the appointment within the required timeframe.