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Reconditioned Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Our inventory always includes a large selection of both 230v, hard wired, 50 amp hot tubs and 115v/230v plug and play convertible models.  Inventory fluctuates. There are typically 10-20 reconditioned, consignment or floor model closeout models available in one location, saving you time and money while shopping.

Our prices are typically 50 cents on the dollar of any new retailers pricing for similar models!  Nobody will take better care of you and your spa than us. We advise you on electrical codes and requirements, maintenance and water quality!  Transparency, a knowledgeable staff and no pressure sales make for a relaxed shopping and buying atmosphere. Why not buy a hot tub that’s a few years old and save half your hard-earned money? When you're in the market for a hot tub, we invite you to come to our shop in Oregon City to find your dream spa for the price that is within your budget.

As for pricing, spas start around $3500 with a 1-year warranty and go up from there.  We will discuss pricing and warranty of each spa when you stop by the shop.

Buy Smart, Buy Local, Buy Reconditioned Spas at Pacific Hot Tub Solutions !

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