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Typical Online Purchases vs Buying from Pacific Hot Tub Solutions

Unlike most manufacturer's and companies who sell online, Pacific Hot Tub Solutions strives to make the purchase of a hot tub or swim spa from us as transparent, upfront and stress-free as possible. 

While we know our pricing may not always be the least expensive there is a reason for that.  The product quality, warranty and service before, during and after the purchase far exceed that of other brands.  It is important to not look at the just price when your purchasing a hot tub online.  It is easy to get caught up with "115 jets" or "Bluetooth" but in reality, there are many, more important things, to consider when purchasing a spa whether online or in person.

  • The first thing to consider is the delivery.

Most online vendors deliver your tub to a central warehouse who then contacts you to deliver the tub to your driveway and you are left to find a way to get it into your backyard.

Pacific Hot Tub Solutions will deliver your hot tub or swim spa to your pad.  Typically, this delivery is included with the purchase of a spa.  There may be an additional charge if a crane is required but we will take care of coordinating that for you.

  • The second thing to consider is the warranty. 

The typical online vendor warranty on most spas is 5-7 years for the shell, 3-5 years for the structure and 1-2 years plumbing and components.  If you have an issue you will call a call center and they will find a 3rd party vendor to provide service.  This can be a very slow process.

Pacific Hot Tubs Solutions manufacturers' offer warranties of up to 20 years on the shell, 10-20 years on the structure and 3-5 years plumbing and components. If you have an issue you will contact us directly and one of our highly trained repair technicians will provide the service.   

  • The next thing to consider is the insulation, energy efficiency and ease of repair.

Most online vendors have very little insulation and do not come with a circulation pump which makes them far less efficient.  Parts are often difficult to locate and/or discontinued as these spas are often "special design" specifically for online sales.

As a service company, Pacific Hot Tub Solutions knows the good and bad features of a hot tub and have chosen to sell models we find to be the most energy efficient, eco friendly, reliable products in the industry and know that we can work directly with the manufacture's to obtain parts for years to come.

For many years we have been  helping other hot tub buyers who have been wooed into purchasing inexpensive hot tubs online buy the price, number of jets and "bells and whistles".  We get multiple calls each week from consumers whose "tub is going to be delivered to my driveway tomorrow" and they need it moved into their backyard.  We are happy to assist them; however, there is an additional charge assessed that they were not planning on and we typically have to schedule them out at least a few days.

Why not spend a little more upfront, know that everything will be taken care of and have an experienced hot tub company to help you through every step of the process.  Check out our "White Glove Service" that is included with the purchase of a hot tub or swim spa from Pacific Hot Tub Solutions. Our dedicated level of service is unmatched by any hot tub company ! 

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