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Take time to browse all available hot tub and swim models both new and reconditioned.  Once you find the perfect spa you can come to our store to learn more before making your purchase.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have whether by phone, email, chat or in person. 

Some things to consider before purchasing a hot tub.

For Example:

  • What size tub do I have room for?

  • Do I want a lounge or all upright seating?

  • How many people will use the tub?

  • Do I have a 220v/50amp breaker available?

  • If I am looking for 110v models is my plug dedicated and within 10 feet of the tub?

Thinking about these details in advance will make purchasing a hot tub online or in our shop a breeze. 

Buying a hot tub is a major purchase and you should be fully informed on all aspects of the process.  Click the link below for a simple comparison of things to consider when making a major purchase such as this.

As always, when you purchase a hot tub or swim spa from Pacific Hot Tub Solutions you are entitled to our exclusive "White Glove Service" We look forward to working with you.




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