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A perfect fit on your hot tub cover is essential for safety, heat retention, protection from the elements and cleanliness as well as minimizing water evaporation.  We will come to your home (within 40 miles) and measure every cover we sell.  Our pricing includes a custom measure as well as delivery and installation of your new cover and removal of your old cover.

We have a variety of options for you:

BASIC - 4" > 2" taper with 1lb foam: $400
ENERGY TRUST - 5" > 3" with 1.5lb foam and insulated hinge $550 (meets standards for Oregon Energy Trust $100 rebate)

If you are not within 40 miles of our shop in Oregon City, or if you want to save a little money and are confident in your ability to measure accurately (see below) we offer our Basic cover at $350.  You provide the measurements, we do not deliver or remove your old cover, and you pick up your cover at our shop in Oregon City.  Fit is not guaranteed but the cover will be made to your specifications.

All covers come with a manufacturers warranty. 1 -2 weeks for delivery.


Regardless of the shape your spa, you should measure from lip to lip, or the outside dimension of the acrylic which is the same as lip to lip. After you have a lip to lip measurement add 1″ to both the length and the width. This will give you a 1/2″ of play all around your spa cover.

To measure for a new spa cover:
Measure the widest points for the outside length and width in inches.
What kind of corners do you have: Square? Rounded? If they are rounded, use the template on measuring the radius of your spa cover. If you have a cut corner, is it on one corner, two corners, or all four corners? How long is the cut corner?
How long is the skirt on your spa cover? Do you want no skirt at all?
What color do you want?
Do you want to upgrade (additional charges apply) to an energy efficient cover ? Rebate available.

The standard fold is parallel t o the shorter side of the cover. If you want an opposite fold, parallel to the long side, please make sure we know

Skirt Measurement

The skirt is the flap that hangs from the bottom of your cover. The skirt helps keep the heat in and if not measured correctly can cause some problems because if it is too long it will bunch and push your spa cover up. If you have a wood rail measure from the top of the wood rail to the top of your spa acrylic. If anything you want to be a little short rather than long so the skirt does not bunch. If you do not have a wood rail then you want to measure from the top of the spa to the bottom of the spa lip and add 1/2″.


This is the one that makes everyone worried. As the diagram shows the easiest way to measure a radius is with a carpenter square. The dimension needed is from the start of the bend to the imaginary point of the square if the tub was actually square. Rule of thumb is smaller is safer than larger. The smaller the radius the more square the corner of the hot tub cover.

Square cover

The square hot tub cover is the easiest cover to measure, just measure your outside lip to lip, and add 1″ to each dimension. The only other dimension you will need is the skirt length.

Rectangle cover

The same as the square spa cover, but make sure you request the fold direction you require. Most companies will by default cut the longest of the two sides in half. We refer to the folds on rectangles as "hot tub" (long and skinny) or "hamburger" (short and wide).

Square or Rectangle with Radius Corners

Follow the square and rectangle spa cover procedure and add the radius measurement.


The round spa cover is easy to measure as well. You only need the lip to lip measurement, if your old cover is measurable just measure accross the seam. Remember to add 1″ of play. The only other measurement needed is the skirt length.


For the octagon spa cover measure from lip to lip add 1″ of play. Also, measure one panel of the octagon from point to point. The only other measurement needed is the skirt length.

Important Note: Please contact us before ordering if your cover:
Measures over 96" in any dimension
Has cut-outs for a control panel, speakers or handles
Is not completely flat on the bottom.
Has more than 2 panels
Is on a Hot Spring or Caldera Spa with a cover lift which arms install/mount directly into the cover.