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Pacific Hot Tub Solutions continues to be the leader in the reconditioned hot tub market while adding new hot tubs and Swim Spas from Vita Spa and Platinum Spas

In our reconditioning department, we take top quality, energy efficient hot tubs and recondition them to nearly new condition and manufacturers specifications using OEM parts.

The best compliment we receive is when our customers come to our reconditioning shop for the first time and ask "Where are the used tubs?"  Typically reconditioned hot tubs are 40% - 60% less than the same model brand new.  This is a great option for 1st time hot tub buyers or vacation rentals where you want something dependable but less expensive than new.

We are a full-service hot tub company and our repair technicians have years of experience trouble shooting and diagnosing hot tubs and swim spas.

They are highly trained and mindful of safe work habits.  Our diagnosing fee is just $169.   Our hourly rate of $99 for repairs is the best price in town and does not cause confusion or the need to watch the technician to see how long they were onsite. We do have a 2 hour minimum charge on labor; however, which covers our travel time as well as the repairs.  Most repairs will be completed within 2-3 hours.

Our moving crews have over 20 years of experience moving hot tubs and swim spas, exclusively.  We have the best equipment in the industry including torsion axle trailers which allow for a smoother ride which will minimize the vibration and jarring which occurs when a hot tub is moved, thus, reducing the potential for leaks, loose collars, or dislodged equipment. Basic trailers or SpaKart Trailers do not offer this enhanced level of care.  We treat each hot tub as if it were our own.

I encourage you to contact us when you are looking for a new or reconditioned hot tub or if you are in need of service.   We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service and often go above and beyond what is required to ensure our customers are satisfied.

With over 30 years working in the customer service industry, more than 12 years owning this business and being a consumer myself, I know how hard finding a company to trust can be. I believe our one store, low overhead approach allows us to build relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime.  A company does not necessarily provide great service just because they have multiple stores.   All a big presence guarantees is higher prices passed on to the consumer.  

Our references are outstanding and our following on Facebook is huge.

We are a local company, with a local owner and local employees.  Every customer is important to us and when you are a customer of Pacific Hot Tub Solutions you are part of our family, not just another invoice number.  

If you ever wish to compliment one of my employees or crews for their exceptional service or have any questions or concerns feel free to email me directly at  I am always happy to hear from our customers.

Kim Stogsdill
Pacific Hot Tub Solutions

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