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Clearwater Spas

Revolutionary Spa Water Purity System

Exclusively from Clearwater Spas

"CLEAR" is a self-sanitizing system which represents the apex of spa cleaning technology and is designed to cover the broadest spectrum of contaminants, of any system. Clearwater’s proprietary Total Purity System combines 4 water treatment technologies into one system.

Copper/Silver Ionization System:

 Positively charged mineral ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria and algae cells

and kill them by changing their molecular structure. The dead cells combine into chunks that are collected by the filter.

Clear Balance Conditioner System™:

Water passes by the powerful magnetic field which polarizes molecules and gives water a

positive (+) charge. This clumps particles such as dirt, skin cells, and body oils into larger

particles which are more effectively filtered out by the filtration system.

Germicidal UV:

Ultraviolet Sterilization is created by passing water over a focused wavelength ultraviolet (UV) lamp.

These are used to sanitize water in EPA-approved devices.

Ozone Generator: 

Ozone is a gas that kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organics, and breaks down chloramines via oxidation.

Why is it better? 

CLEAR helps eliminate red eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits, and the odor of chemicals.This system essentially transforms your spa into an oasis of mineral pure water.

To make CLEAR work at its optimum level, a 35 gallon per minute circulation pump. To put it in perspective, a Clearwater Spa working with the CLEAR system and a circulation pump, will put every drop of water through the filtration system 5 times an hour. 

Most manufacturers use the jets pumps to do two jobs; filter the water on low speed and move water to the jets on high speed. Clearwater Spas believes it’s more important to dedicate a pump to 24/7 water filtration. Every Clearwater Spa includes a 24/7 circulation pump.


Dynasty Spas

Dynamic Hydrotherapy is Dynasty Spas primary goal, it is the heart of our spas.  An infinite amount of research stands behind the jet placement in every Dynasty Spa. 

These spas are built for style, stress reduction and therapeutic benefits.  You won't have to play "musical chairs" to gain the utmost comfort from the generous number of therapy jets.  Neck jets target neck and shoulders, massage jets soothe shoulders and lower back, Carpal tunnel jets ease hands and fingers while jumbo jets, located in the foot well, provide the ultimate foot massage.  These jets are all connected by the Dynasty plumbing system, which provides maximum water flow through the use of extra large hoses and tubing.  Sure-grip fittings ensure a secure bond between pipes and jets. 

  • Strategically Placed for Utmost Benefits

  • Jet Placement Targets Major Muscle Groups for Fast Pain and Stress Relief

  • Adjustable, Interchangeable Jets Allow You to Customize the Action

  • Diverter Controls Allow the User to Adjust the Amount of Water Pressure to Each Seat


Vita Spa

The steel sub-structure used in Vita Spa’s 700 and 500 Series has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available.  The light-gauge steel frame provides greater structural integrity than wood, as well as superior corrosion protection for a much longer life.   Complete with the the ABS Sealed Base, this is an integral part of the support structure in a Vita Spa hot tub. It’s one-piece construction provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and sealing out moisture. This steel structure design allows for complete serviceability of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. Essentially, the spa can be serviced and brought back to factory specifications right in your backyard. We call this feature “appliance grade”. It is important to consider the serviceability of your hot tub just as you would any other home appliance.


Reconditioned Spas

Our inventory always includes a large selection of both 230v, hard wired, 50 amp hot tubs and 115v/230v plug and play convertible models.  Typically there are 10-20 hot tubs available at all times in one location, saving you time and money while shopping.

Our prices are typically 50 cents on the dollar of any new retailers pricing for similar models!  Nobody will take better care of you and your spa than us. We advise you on electrical codes and requirements, maintenance and water quality!  Transparency, a knowledgeable staff and no pressure sales make for a relaxed shopping and buying atmosphere. Why not buy a hot tub that’s a few years old and save half your hard earned money? When your in the market for a hot tub, we invite you to come to our shop in Oregon City to find your dream spa for the price that is within your budget.

As for pricing, spas start around $3000 with a 1 year warranty and go up from there.  We will discuss pricing and warranty of each spa when you stop by the shop.

Buy Smart, Buy Local, Buy Reconditioned Spas at Pacific Hot Tub Solutions !

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