Dynasty Spas

Extensive Research and Design
Dynasty Spas invests time into constructing well-built spas, use the highest quality materials and develop a state-of-the-art therapeutic and entertainment user experience. An infinite amount of research stands behind the jet placement in every Dynasty Spa. These spas are built for style, stress reduction, and therapeutic benefits. From comfort seating with UV resistant padded headrests to powerful pumps, Dynasty rejuvenates both body and mind.
Jet Placement
Our jets are all connected by the Dynasty plumbing system, which provides maximum water flow through the use of extra large hoses and tubing. Sure-grip fittings ensure a secure bond between pipes and jets. Neck Jets target neck and shoulders, massage jets soothe shoulders and lower back, Carpal Tunnel Jets ease hands and fingers while Jumbo jets, located in the footwell, provide the ultimate foot massage.

 Jets in a Dynasty Spas are:

• Strategically Placed For The Utmost Benefits

• Targets Major Muscle Groups For Fast Pain And Stress Relief

• Adjustable & Interchangeable allowing You To Customize The Action

• Controlled with Diverter Valves
allowing the user to control the pressure of each seat.

RMAX Thermasheath Insulation

Rigid foam thermal insulation board composed of environmentally sound, closed-cell foam bonded to reinforced aluminum foil facers on each side. 

  • Up to 7x the insulation factor of competitors.

  • Lower operating costs

  • Added protection against freeze damage

  • Easy access for servicing

  • Acts as a sound barrier