Clearwater Spas


Our molds are handcrafted and perfected by our engineers. Every inch of your Clearwater Spa has special touches taking every element into account. We are always creating new ideas and perfecting our spas.
ABS Base Durafloor
With its sealed ABS plastic base, the Clearwater Spas durafloor is the perfect foundation for your spa. Integrated into the spa’s structure, the durafloor keeps the spa components and frame up out of harms way. Our RTB insulation contains borates which are undesirable to insects and rodents. The base is silicone sealed and screw bonded to our cabinets. The base raises spa off the ground to further protect it from the elements. Our 100% recycled ABS Durafloor base is vacuum formed from a single sheet for durability, strength and a watertight seal. The base is also crafted to perfectly fit our pillar support system for holding the weight of the spa and provides insulated pedestal pump mounts for durability and noise reduction.
Insulation with Reflective Thermal Barrier
Proper insulation is as important to your spa as it is to your home. Providing an R-20 value, our RTB Insulation System harnesses all thermal gain from the pumps and the heater inside the spa skirting while reflecting the colder outside air away from the spa. This UL listed insulation material allows the warmth from the pumps and heater to be reflected back inside the spa cabinet, heating the spa shell and water. One of the most dramatic energy-saving insulation systems ever introduced to the spa industry, this quality insulation design makes all Clearwater Spas extraordinarily energy efficient – saving you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your spa.
PVC Pillar Support System
Clearwater Spas uses a PVC pillar support system which will not rot, mold, rust or otherwise breakdown like other manufacturers that use wooden or steel frames. Many other manufacturers fill the entire cabinet interior with low density foam which can deteriorate and attract unwanted rodents to its warm and moist environment. Our PVC pillars are filled with high-desity foam to provide a support system like no other. Our system also provide for easy access to the pumps and other components should your spa ever need service saving hundreds of dollars over foam-filled spas.

20 Year Warranty

Our rigid construction standards allow us to warranty our spas with confidence for 20 years. 

Clear Water Care

​"CLEAR" is a self-sanitizing system which represents the apex of spa cleaning technology and is designed to cover a broad spectrum of contaminants. 

Positively charged mineral ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria and algae cells and kill them by changing their molecular structure. The dead cells combine into chunks that are collected by the filter.

Dirt, skin cells, and body oils collect into larger particles which are effectively filtered out by the filtration system.

Coombined with a hybrid ozone this system provides complete water purification transforming your spa into an oasis of pure mineral enriched water.